FAQ (Hammocks)

What's the difference between the Deluxe Hammock and the Window Hammock?

The only difference between these two styles is that our Deluxe Hammock also offers built-in door guards. 

Is suited to Large/Heavy dogs?

We have big dogs ourselves so we designed our products with large dogs in mind. 

We always recommend the use of a restraint or safety belt for peace of mind during sudden stops but also to ensure your dogs weight stays safely supported by the Bench seat. Naturally from time to time during car rides, your dog may lose their footing so we understand the importance of ensuring the sling section, straps and buckles can support their weight when this happens.

Our Buckles are YKK brand, trusted world-wide for their impeccable production standards and thorough quality control. The style we choose to use, have been tested to a breaking strength of around 127kg. We reinforce headrest straps where they meet the cover to help prevent sideways pull on the box stitching connecting them to the Hammock and we double bar tack stitch the fixed buckles to ensure these can’t simply give out under stress. The non-slip mesh backing also stops the cover from sliding when a dog jumps in or out of the car. Whilst this doesn’t contribute directly to weight tolerances, too much sudden sideways motion can put significant strain on seams and/or buckles leading to breakages etc so we guard against this.

Are Seat Belts accessible in the Hammock?

Yes! Pawmanity® Rear Seat Hammocks have Velcro openings to allow easy access to seat belt buckles. A middle lap belt can pass through the belt openings on either side and a full middle seat belt is accessible via the 60/40 zip openings (however, please note that the zips on our Hammocks zip from top down therefore, while the middle sash belt is in use the zip cannot close behind it). 

Why does my vehicle have to have adjustable Seat Headrests?

Our Hammock is designed to be installed to both the front and rear seats by looping the straps over the headrests of your vehicle. We recommend having adjustable headrests purely because the straps can easily and reliably fit around the steel adjustment posts on this style of headrest. If your headrests aren't adjustable but tall enough to ensure the straps won't slip off and narrow enough for them to wrap around this will be fine too (unfortunately it's not compatible with the fixed wider style sports headrests). 

If you have low profile rear seat headrests or none at all, you're in luck! We designed our exclusive Headrest Conversion Belts for this reason. These conversion belts connect to the existing Hammock headrest belts, extending their reach so they can be secured via the Child Seat Tether points instead. 

Can a Child Seat be installed over the Hammock?

Yes, our Hammocks allow for the fitment of a Child Seat over the top as long as it is secured by a seatbelt and not via the ISOFIX method.

Can one side of the hammock be zipped down to allow for a human passenger?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible with our Hammocks, the whole sling section would need to be unclipped from the front headrests and dropped down to accommodate human passengers. 

Is it Waterproof?

The top layer of fabric is waterproof oxford polyester so it's great for wet dogs, small spills, sand and mud. However, due to the quilted design and seatbelt openings it isn't 100% waterproof. We have plans to design a fully waterproof style in the future.