FAQ (Liners)

What's the difference between the Access Liner and the Cargo Liner?

Our Cargo Liner features 2 large pockets for additional storage and zips for 60/40 compatibility on either side but doesn’t offer any other openings.

Our Access Liner is our latest release and by comparison offers less storage, with a single smaller pocket. It still offers 60/40 compatibility but it features our patented universal access to the child seat anchor/tether points in the back of the rear seats via two additional head to head zippers centred below each outer headrest, so you can easily secure your dog with one of our Latch Restraints without sacrificing protection and coverage of the back of the rear seats. Below is a side by side photo of both styles for easier reference.


Is suited to Large/Heavy dogs?

Yes. We have big dogs ourselves so we designed our products with large dogs in mind. Our Liners are made from an extremely durable, abrasion resistant fabric. 

Why does my vehicle have to have adjustable Seat Headrests?

Our Liners are designed to be installed by buckling straps up around the rear headrests of your vehicle. We recommend having adjustable headrests purely because the straps can easily and reliably fit around the steel adjustment posts on this style of headrest. If your headrests aren't adjustable but tall enough to ensure the straps won't slip off and narrow enough for them to wrap around this will be fine too (unfortunately it's not compatible with the fixed wider style sports headrests). 

If you have low profile rear seat headrests or none at all, we're very sorry to advise that our Liners won't suit your car. We offer Headrest Conversion Belts for our Hammocks but unfortunately we don't yet have an alternative solution for the installation of our Liners. 

Is it Waterproof?

The top layer of fabric is waterproof oxford polyester so it's great for wet dogs, small spills, sand and mud. However, due to the quilted design and seatbelt openings it isn't 100% waterproof. We have plans to design a fully waterproof style in the future.