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Completely Satisfied

I'm completely satisfied. Ordered on a Tuesday and it arrived (Canberra) Friday the same week.
The quality of the product is excellent. Strong but nice, thickly quilted material.
The resilience of the material, combined with the fastenings and rubber backing, keep it securely in place.
The mesh window allows good airflow to the rear seat and probably reduces any sense of claustrophobia for your dog.
In terms of fit, it appears virtually tailor made for my Land Rover Discovery.
Great product.

Baptism of fire

I've been through a couple of cheap covers and decided to bite the bullet and invest in something that might actually fit and last longer than a year or two. I was impressed with the quality before I'd even gotten it out of the carry bag!
The simple set up for our first decent trip (4.5 hours) was great and then my poor greyhound boy ended up with explosive diarrhoea - no photos necessary. I was devastated that this had happened the first time we'd really used it until I realised that NOTHING had gotten through to my seats. My devastation turned to gratitude because there was no way my other hammocks would have held up and I would have ended up spending as much just on cleaning fees!
I've been recommending Pawmanity ever since 💖🐾 Thank you!

Brilliant product even better service

Awesome product and great customer service ! Went over and above to ensure it was right for us

A Game Changer

This thing is amazing! It is built with thought and practicality. The quality of all parts of this liner is outstanding. The base with it’s non slip surface makes it safe for carting your pooches (or lots of other things!!) The lip over the tailgate is fantastic to avoid scuffs to the car. But what really blew my mind in this one is the access to the anchor points to secure the dogs in. It’s just amazing. Usually when I buy products I may think they’re good but wish they’d tweaked it by doing A,B,C etc - but this time - no wished for tweaks!! Amazing! Totally worth the investment!! 💕


Exactly what is described, great quality, very happy with purchase

Awesome product, fast delivery, very happy customer :)

Get what you pay for, really worth it :)

Great quality, easy to fit and fits cx9 perfect, well worth getting

Excellent product

Just love the deluxe hammock.
It is exactly that...deluxe. Extremely well made and fits perfectly. Totally worth the money. 2nd product I have purchased from Pawmanity and I am a very happy customer.


This is the perfect restraint for my dog! It has the capacity to be quite short or long and considering his 53kg size, the length is perfect.

Great Product and Service

I recently purchased the Pawmanity Access Liner and was very impressed with the quality of the product. It is extremely easy to fit and looks great. I would also like to thank Pawmanity for how quickly the product arrived, I had it within 3 days of ordering. I was pleasantly surprised to see it comes with a carry bag and also the personal touches from Pawmanity. Thank you for doing such a great job, providing a quality product and providing an exceptional level of service. A rare find these days.

Couldnt Be Happier

I have tried many different hammocks over the years and have found out first hand that you generally get what you pay for. The quality of the materials and workmanship that has gone into the deluxe hammock is outstanding, and in addition to a fantastic product, i could not be happier with the service, having received our order 2 business days after placing it. I am so impressed that I am now considering getting a cargo liner for our other car.

Quality Product

I haven't had the product for long, but you can tell it is built to last. My concern was that a hot car would break down inferior materials as well as a big dog moving about. I think it will do the job and I was happy to pay more for something better.

Why did I wait so long?!

I purchased a new car and was doing my best to protect the seats. I had been given a "good quality" back seat hammock of another brand and it was just crap. It kept shifting around, my boy put his foot through it in a matter of weeks and it basically disintegrated. I finally got myself a Christmas present and ordered the Pawmanity back seat hammock. It is literally the shizz -nits. It DOES.NOT.MOVE!! I have a towel underneath it all but the non-slip backing does an excellent job. I have a Haval H2 SUV and the back seats are probably a fraction smaller than this is designed for, but it still works a treat. Just order one. You'll save money in the long run.

A great product.

Not only does it look smart, the hammock fits the car like a glove (Ford Ranger). Quick delivery, well made and easy to clean. The design features; zips, pockets, padding to name a few make it stand out from other similar products. Just buy it!

Great for the SUV! Fits my CX8 wonderfully!

Absolute ripper! I have a Mazda CX8 SUV and your average car seat cover does not have a hope of fitting it at all.

This big beautiful cover has room to spare even when the front seats are quite far forward!

The side flaps are great from stopping our little fur ball from scratching the metal or the leather of the car also.

Also the padding is so comfy to sit on!
Let’s just say I had to take an expected dip myself to fetch someone’s toy because they didn’t want to...and then had to sit in the back on the waterproof seat covering!

Window Hammock

Brilliant product! Great value for money

Incredible Fit

Just finished installing the access liner into a Kluger and am so impressed! It is perfectly sized and even has a small lip of material up the sides for extra protection. We also purchased a latch restraint and the fact it can be so easily accessed through the anchor point zippers is fantastic.
Definitely recommend!

Deluxe Hammock

At first I was a bit worried about spending $200 on a seat hammock and it not being able to uphold to my border collie and maremma. But this one is so thick and durable! There is no comparison to the cheap makes out there. Having the centre meshing also makes my border collie feel alot more comfortable whilst travelling and I don't have to worry about it getting too warm back there for them. It fits in my jeep wrangler well, the straps for the sides just fall short of fitting around the role bar as there are no handles, but with a bit of creativity it works. I'm super happy with the hammock and definitely think it's worth it. One of these will outlive over $200 worth of cheap ones for sure.

Amazing product and services.

Amazing product and services. We have purchased both a boot liner and a back seat hammock for our fur baby. The products are of exceptionally high quality and they fit really well. Thank you for your great service too. :)

Great mat

Fits our y62 patrol third row and covers the whole seat keeping it clean and keeping our dog from falling off the seat. We had a cheap mat from elsewhere before but the dirt and hair kept going through and it didn’t cover the whole seat. Very happy now with our pawmanity mat as it is much better quality - I guess you get what you pay for and we paid for quality with this product.

Fantastic Product

We love the deluxe hammock & that is protects the entire back seat & doors. Our dog always traveled in the front door well as a guide dog. He was reclassified & we now have him travel in the back so we can secure him. He loves the hammock & we love how it helps contain the hair & all the dirt / grass & sand.
Fantastic product & customer service from Pawmanity. Highly recommend the product & company 🐾🐾

Deluxe Hammock

Out of 5 stars I give pawmanity 10! Their customer service was exceptional! Quick response online to even faster postage in such a busy period already (Christmas) The quality in products Is outstanding! Instead of buying the cheap hammocks from the cheap stores so yourself a favour and invest in something from Pawmanity that is guaranteed to last for years to come!

Fantastic product!

We're so glad we invested in this boot liner. It's a great quality product and keeps our boot so much cleaner. It fits perfectly in our 200 series Landcruiser. Fast postage and delivery. Highly recommended.


Fits our Hyundai Santa Fe perfectly. Keeps the whole cargo area clean.

Great product!

Great quality, so much better than the cheap back seat cover I originally had. Easy to fit, the straps fit the headrests beautifully, it’s secure and definitely not moving. My boot is very well protected! Finding the anchor point restraint was an added bonus! Highly recommend.