Pawmanity Latch Restraint Belt

  • $19.95

Pawmanity Latch Restraint Belt

Size: Width 2.5cm. Belt length adjustable from approx. 60cm to 110cm (max. length includes Latch and Snap Hooks)

  • Not compatible with the Pawmanity Cargo Liner ✘


This belt is the perfect companion to the Pawmanity Access Liner (available for purchase separately).

Made from seatbelt webbing, with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hook at one end and Steel Anchor Latch at the other, this heavy-duty restraint allows you to securely tether your dog to the Rear Seat Anchor Points in the Cargo area of your vehicle. 

Our Latch Restraint Belt provides peace of mind that your dog will stay safely within the cargo area, while you are opening and closing the door.  

Simply clip your dogs lead on when you're ready to go and unclip the snap hook leaving the belt in the cargo area, ready to secure your dog quickly and easily upon their return.  


Safety Tips

Please note the following:

  • This product is intended to be used as tether only, it is not safety device. 
  • If tethering two dogs to separate anchor points within the same cargo area, ensure the length of each belt is appropriately shortened to prevent entanglement. 
  • WARNING: This product may not prevent injury to passengers or your dog in the event of an accident. Do not use if damaged.


Installation couldn't be easier:

  1. Remove the Child Seat Anchor/Tetcher Point cap/cover (if applicable)
  2. Slide the latch onto the anchor point bar until it clicks on. 
  3. Adjust the length of the belt to suit your dog taking care to ensure your dog's paws are unable to reach the cargo door opening. 

Care Instructions

To clean simply wipe webbing with a damp cloth or wash in mild soapy water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This is the perfect restraint for my dog! It has the capacity to be quite short or long and considering his 53kg size, the length is perfect.


Fits our Hyundai Santa Fe perfectly. Keeps the whole cargo area clean.

Sturdy, strong, great product

Well made, sturdy and strong. This item is great, it’ll never come loose and stops our pups from getting tangled. I also stops the age old battle with sit/stay verses launching out of the car before the boot is fully opened depending on mood & destination! Haha! Highly recommend. We will be purchasing more products!