Pawmanity Window Hammock
Pawmanity Window Hammock
View through Car Hammock's mesh window to front showing storage pockets
Pawmanity Window Hammock
Dog riding in Hammock looking through Mesh Window
Pawmanity Window Hammock
View of Hammock's lining to rear side of mesh window
Window Hammock Seat Anchors
Pawmanity Window Hammock
Hammock Storage Tote Bag

Pawmanity Window Hammock

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Universal-Fit Car Hammock with Storage Tote Bag.
Size: 140cm (W-from door to door excluding side panels) x 160cm (L).
Note: Adjustable Seat headrests required. 

Dogs are part of the family and whilst we love them dearly, there is no denying car seats are designed for humans and not with fur, paws and wet dogs in mind.

Stylish Design
With its quilted design and luxurious thick padding, the Pawmanity Window Hammock will look great in your car and offer your dog a superior level of travel comfort. 

Heavy Duty Fabric
A durable, waterproof and abrasion resistant top layer, provides excellent protection against your dog's claws while keeping dirt, sand and mud off your seats. 

Seat Side Protection
Quilted side panels extend protection to the sides of your seats, for additional peace of mind when your dog jumps in and out of your car.

Hammock Design
The hammock sling design keeps your dog from falling into the footwell in the event of a sudden stop or a desire to join you in the front seat. It won't prevent the most tenacious of dogs from jumping over it so we of course still highly recommend a seat belt and harness to keep them safely restrained. Velcro Seat belt openings allow easy access to seatbelt buckles.

Mesh Window
A strong furniture grade mesh 'window' keeps you and your dog connected while allowing your cars heating/cooling to flow freely through to the backseat for the ultimate in canine comfort.

Super-sized Storage
Two generously sized pockets are built into the hammock sling section, providing ample storage for road trip necessities such as tennis balls, towels, leads, leads, jackets, water bottles etc. No other hammock on the market provides this level of storage!

40/20/40 Split Compatible
Quality YKK zippers provide 40/20/40 back split compatibility offering flexibility for a variety of situations. such as centre console, boot and/or 3rd-row access without having to remove the hammock. 

Non-slip Backing & Seat Anchors
Rubber mesh on the underside of both the seat and seat back sections provides exceptional anti-slip protection. Premium seat anchors, heavy duty straps and YKK Buckles hold it securely in place.

Universal Fit Convenience
With a universal fit, there's no need to buy several covers to suit multiple cars. Swap the hammock from one car to another in minutes. 
Heading out with a friend and want to bring your dog along in their car but don't want to risk leaving scratch marks, dirt or fur all over their backseat? Just pop your Hammock into their car and you can be sure they'll appreciate it!


With a practical one-piece design, installation is a breeze: simply push the anchors into place under the rear seat backs, loop the adjustable heavy-duty straps over the front and rear headrests, connect the buckles and tighten to fit. 


Care Instructions

Taking care of your cover is easy. Simply remove, shake off or vacuum to remove any stubborn fur (thankfully not embedded in your seats) and wipe down with a damp cloth. Alternatively, hose it off and line dry in the shade.


Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
High quality product

Couldn’t be happier with our purchase, it fits our car like a dream and provides full coverage over the leather interior. Highly recommend!

Amazing quality

We previously bought a cheap backseat hammock for our puppy when he came home from a department store. He would slide around all over the place, pull up the edges and it would become its own little microclimate because hot air would get trapped.

We picked the Pawmanity hammock for it mesh panel so it had more ventilation and we could also easily see in to check on our new addition as he was not a fan of the car.

The product is really excellent quality, it has enough weight to it that once its fitted it doesn’t move around, and the seat anchors keep it flat across the bench seat so it has a secure bottom. The seat side covers stay in place nicely and even though it’s a bit big for my back seat (Audi Q2), the extra material folds away tidily without being bulky.

The dog seems to much prefer it too, we did 2 1/2 hour car journeys with one of us sitting with him in the back in the new hammock and he now happily just sits or sleeps in the back every time we go out. I’m sure this is because he can pick a space to sit and not slide around all the time.

My only wishes are that it had zippers on either side of the mesh panel which would easily facilitate folding down the cover on 1 seat for a back seat passenger (instead it’s either awkwardly folded or you end up sitting cross legged in the hammock instead) and that it had full zip up sides to protect the door panels.

Great quality

So far so good ... very happy with the excellent quality and how well made it is. The net window is good as it allows airflow to the dogs and they are nice and safe behind it. And sometimes one of my girls steps off the seat and the old hammock had claw holes in it - this seems to be quite durable and able to withstand the weight.

Just received

Only just received this but it fitted perfectly in the car. Huge difference to the cheaper ones we’ve had in the past. Our dog couldn’t help but climb in to try out and even though we weren’t going anywhere wouldn’t get out again and looks so comfortable.

High quality product, very happy

Fits perfectly in the back of my dual cab VW Amarok. So well designed and made. Don't bother buying any of the cheap alternatives - this is definitely worth the price tag. Highly recommended.

Great fitment, amazing quality!

Fits great in my Volvo S80, the anchor points are lifesavers for bigger dogs like my Great Dane X. Thanks Pawmanity!

Very happy

Great hammock, very happy with the purchase. I have two dogs so need something strong, the quality is good.

Amazing product

I just received my new pawmanity window hammock and it is absolutely amazing, beautiful product and such great quality, it was packaged beautifully and quick postage. Extremely happy customer:)


Fix perfectly in my CX5 and is great quality. I would highly recommend this product.

Very happy customer

Too many times I have ordered online and been disappointed with the quality of a product once it arrives but not this time. The hammock is very well made, fits perfectly and does a great job of protecting my rear seats. Also it’s great for stopping the dogs trying to come through to the front of the cabin👍🏼 Very happy with my purchase and I have already recommended to my friends and family😊

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