Hammock Conversion Belt
Pawmanity Hammock Conversion Belt Set
Pawmanity Hammock Conversion Belt Set
Pawmanity Hammock Conversion Belt Set

Pawmanity Hammock Conversion Belt Set

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Pawmanity Hammock Conversion Belt Set

Compatible with the Pawmanity Window Hammock only.
Note: Rear seat anchor points required.
Total length 92cm 

This simple, yet very practical belt set makes owning a Pawmanity Window Hammock possible for those who own a car with either very low profile headrests or none at all.

With a superior quality YKK buckle at one end and heavy duty steel anchor latch at the other, these belts connect to existing Hammock headrest straps and allow our Hammock to be secured via rear seat anchor points instead of the rear headrests. 

Pictured in a Toyota Kluger with the headrests removed for demonstration purposes. 

Safety Tips

Please note the following:

  • These are not intended for use as a dog restraint.
  • If you have removal headrests and plan to remove them when your dog rides on the rear seat, please ensure they are reinstalled for any human passengers.


Installation is easy:

  1. Clip each buckle end to the corresponding buckle end of the Hammock's headrest straps
  2. Slide the tether hook onto the anchor point bar until it clicks on. 
  3. Pull the excess webbing to adjust and tighten fit taking care not to overtighten (overtightening will cause your Hammock to lift up off the seat resulting in undue pressure on seams).

Care Instructions

To clean simply wipe webbing with a damp cloth or wash in mild soapy water.

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